Regenerative farming for over 10 years

Brays Farm in South Nutfield is where, Matthew Elphick and Betsie Edge run Nutfield Dairy. We have been tenant farmers since 2017 and are dedicated and passionate about producing good quality milk and dairy products from happy cows grazing on our beautiful patch of the Surrey Hills.

We love regenerative, nature friendly farming and the vital role cows play in improving the health of our soil and aiding a health, functioning ecosystem.

Brays Farm is around 52 acres and is owned by the Countryside Restoration Trust.

The CRT isa charity established in 1993 by chairman Robin Page and the late Gordon Beningfield. The aim of the CRT is to support tenant farmers like us to help restore the countryside using a mix of traditional and innovative methods and for wildlife to be welcomed and encouraged.

The Farm was kindly left to the CRT by our previous landlord John Collett who wanted to ensure Brays Farm would remain as a working farm.

Fresh and Organic Products for Every Day. Cows saving the planet
Fresh and Organic Products for Every Day. Cows saving the planet

Cows saving the planet

Our girls are not the standard black and white cows which are widely used on most dairy farms. We mainly have a breed called Dairy shorthorn which is an old traditional breed and are usually red and white or roan. We chose this breed because we wanted a breed of cow that will thrive on a pasture-fed diet and although they may not produce a huge amount of milk, we favour quality over quantity.

The products we produce are lower in saturated fat and have higher levels of omega-three than cows that have also been fed on grain. As well as making better, tastier products this makes for happier healthier cows that can graze outside for as much of the year as possible making rich creamy milk.